Joao da Silva studied choreography and performance at the European Dance Development Center (EDDC) in Arnhem, where he also learned Release, Body Mind Centering® and various approaches to improvisation. In 2004 he became a master NLP practitioner, being certified by the Neuro Linguistic Programming Center in New York City and in 2010 he obtained his Master Degree (cum laude) in Theater Studies at the University of Utrecht.

He has danced, amongst others, with and for Quilombo (Brazil) and Dance Alliance (directed by Mary O’Donnell), and has over the years choreographed a number of small scale works, also for theater. He has taught dance technique, improvisation and compositon in Europe, Israel, Asia and South America and since 1995 has been a lecturer at ArtEZ School of Dance, Arnhem. Since 2002 he is head of the ArtEZ Master of Choreography and since 2012 a PhD candidate at the University of Utrecht.   lighthousework