Upon receiving the Tanzfonds Erbe grant, Angela Guerreiro began inviting various artists and related institutions to share materials that would be relevant to the project. The collection is representative of what the project received from these correspondences. Interviews, documents, videos, films, archives from EDDC and CNDO could be acessed during the Symposium at tanzhaus Düsseldorf from July 7th – 11th. In case of interest please enter in contact with Angela Guerreiro and be aware that documents will be available only with author agreement. The Live Legacy Collection of Materials are touring with the installation ‘going into contact_a permeable installation’ created by Dieter Heitkamp in collaboration with Angela Guerreiro. This collection was only possible with the support of Henrique Antao.


The Live Legacy Project would not have been possible without the interviews we made with Aat Hougee, Bertram Müller and Mary O’Donnell at tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, 2012. In 2013 we pursued our research in Germany with Dieter Heitkamp, Agnés Benoit, Ka Rustler, Gisela Müller, Ludger Orlok and Sasha Waltz.  We thank Monica Duncan for the video of the conversation between Stephanie Maher and Peter Pleyer in Stolzenhagen. In Freiburg we interviewed Bernd Ka und Lilo Stahl (bewegungs-art, Freiburg), Barbara Stahlberg and Anna Garms (Dance Vision Institute), Benno Enderlein, Eckhard Müller (International Contact Improvisation Festival Freiburg), and Nita Little. In Amsterdam we spent beautiful sunny days with Pauline de Groot and Trude Cone. In the USA, we met K. J. Holmes in New York, Manfred Fischbeck and Brigitta Herrmann in Philadelphia, and Simone Forti in Los Angeles. In San Francisco we interviewed Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, and Sara Shelton Mann.  We interviewed John Lefan at the legendary studio were Mangrove used to perform. We were honored to meet Anna Halprin at her beautiful home and lay on her deck surrounded by the redwoods trees. We thank Irmela Kästner und Barbara Schmidt Rohr (Tanzinitiative Hamburg) in Hamburg. We are grateful to Andrea Keiz for the video of the conversation between Peter Pleyer and Meg Stuart in Berlin, 2014.

The Live Legacy Project research team thanks to: Nicole Beutler, NBprojects (A dialogue with Lucinda Childs), Scott Wells (Keriac’s Last Dance), Anna Halprin (Ceremony of Us), Ines Vera Heckmann, Eckhard Müller and Martin Zeidler (BLACK FOREST Contact Jam 1996-2005), Trisha Brown Dance Company, Worldwide Representation for the Lucinda Childs Dance Company: Pomegranate Arts, Nicole Beutler (NBprojects), Fales Library New York, Walker Arts Center, Bennington College Dance Archives and the Bennington College Judson Project, organizers, Wendy Perron and Tony Carruthers (The Judson Project: interviews with Trisha Brown, Alex Hay, Robert Rauschenberg, Carolee Schneeman, Simone Forti and Steve Paxton, 1981).  We thank Lucas Marten, a Bennington student for the video files digitalization. Florence Corin and Baptiste Andrien (Contredans). João da Silva for the digital copies of the CNDO Archives (ArtEZ holds the copyright on behalf of the authors). Peter Hulton © Arts Documentation Unit. Exeter, UK. Andrè Lepecki, Thomas Kampe, Tamalpa Germany (Petra Eischeid, Frank Hediger, Katrin Stelter), Jorg Hassmann (Contact meets Contemporary), Nancy Stark Smith (Contact Quarterly), Sara Wookey, Dieter Heitkamp – Global Contact Improvisation Archive (contactencyclopedia D / Contact Quarterly USA) and Motion Bank (A research project of The Forsythe Company).

We also would like to thank TANZFONDS ERBE (Madeline Ritter and Ingo Diehl) and the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Hortensia Völckers and Alexander Farenholtz) for such an initiative, which we were so proud to be part of.

List of Collected Materials