Pauline de Groot has been creating, performing and teaching her movement work in an international circuit around the world for almost four decades. Pauline has played a central role in creating a climate for New Dance in Europe. Her vision and her school in Amsterdam (’68) have formed the foundation for the Modern Dance Department of the Theaterschool (’76), presently the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) of the Amsterdam School of Higher Education AHK, where she has taught for over 20 years.

Pauline’s early dance and performance experience in New York (’57 -’64) has rooted her in the American avant-garde of the 60’s. From this fertile period stems her deep interest in the dimensions of energy in action and stillness, ‘chi’, which underpins her research to this day. Her present day work and teaching is informed through a rich lineage of dance, body-work and mindful movement practices, the martial arts, tai chi, chi kung: standing dynamics, and shamanic healing. Pauline has assisted generations of students to discover their own process. In her teaching she generates an engagement with the senses – to a direct experience of the alignment in the natural forces (& breathing ), re-energizing our vitality.

Pauline’s recent performances and improvisations have taken place outside of theaters, in streets, galleries in parks and in nature (Touch Air, MovingMeeting, tree – gazing).