Tim Richards is an engineer, photographer, and dancer from San Diego, California. Although his original training was as an electrical engineer, his work at Kodak and the design of high speed digital video cameras led him to still photography. Always a keen observer, he found people to be the most interesting thing on the planet and was finally drawn to specialize in dance photography.

The human body is his source of endless fascination and dance is his ultimate laboratory… from gesture to structure… and through relationship between the dancers and the context of space. He takes a photojournalistic approach and prefers gritty realism to the carefully composed shot. He is especially grateful to Kevin Ho for his introduction to Contact Improvisation and also to Ron Estes and Anya Cloud for their tutelage, practice, and encouragement. Although his original intention for Contact Improvisation was to inform his photography, it has now taken on a life of its own and is part of his regular practice.

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