Big Stage | 07.07.2014 | 9 PM

© Zara Popovici


A solo by Malgven Gerbes

Malgven Gerbes sets out to measure her own world. A major part of the work consists of finding the unknown in what we believe to be familiar. From the lines of chalk, leading from the known to the unknown, derives a map of experiences, ideas, memories, people, places, wishes and encounters. Drawings initiate movement, movement turns into drawing. Being on an easy joruney, not intending to order the world, Malgven Gerbes displays the brief beauty of one movment, one sentiment, one emotion.

Choregraphy, text and dance Malgven Gerbes Composition and dramaturgy David Brandstätter Video and light Thomas Achtner Dialoges in text and movement with Eva Karczag, Chris Crikmay, Katrina Brown

A production by s h i f t s / Art in movement
Supported by: DRAC Haute-Normandie, Region Haute-Normandie and fabrik Potsdam in the course of the program Artists-in-Residence.

This piece was created in residencies at Dancing compagnie Beau Geste, Moulin de Louviers, fabrik Potsdam, Collectif Danse Rennes Métropole, Tanztendenz München, Giesinger Bahnhof München and LOFFT Leipzig.

The performance is supported by the Office de Diffusion et d’Information Artistique de Haute-Normandie.