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“Everybody can dance. Dance reaches our deepest nature and transforms our lives.” Anna Halprin

Since the 1950s, Anna Halprin has been shaking up the field of dance, breaking down barriers between stage and audience, between generations and ethnic communities, and working with illness and with nature. In her workshops she invites us to reconnect with our bodies and explore our physical functioning, our emotions and mental images through drawing, voice and movement. Our dance can be a way of experiencing life and our life can be expressed in the dance.
This interactive DVD-ROM presents the unique approach of this U.S. dancer through more than six hours of video covering the entirety of a recent workshop, previously unpublished interviews and extracts of precious archive material. Anna Halprin shares the tools and methods she has developed throughout her life under the name of Life/Art Process, to awaken the creativity in all of us, to create a dance together and to discover how we are linked to the Earth and our environment.

With Florence Corin & Baptiste Andrien for Contredanse

Edited and produced by Contredanse
Conception, design and production by Baptiste Andrien & Florence Corin (for Contredanse) in collaboration with Anna Halprin
Filming Paris workshop: Peter Hulton
Filming and interview with Anna Halprin: Baptiste Andrien & Florence Corin (for Contredanse)
Editing: Baptiste Andrien, Caroline Boillet & Florence Corin (for Contredanse)
Mix: Aurélien Lebourg
DVD-ROM programming: Émeric Florence –
Graphic design: Philippe Koeune – Valley the Valley
French translation and subtitles: Denise Luccioni
English translation: Hazel Carrie
French proofreading for the booklet: Muriel Rochlenko
English proofreading for the booklet: Sam Davies
This publication was supported by: le ministère de la Culture de la Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles, Service de la Danse, la Ville de Bruxelles (échevinat des Beaux-Arts) and la Cocof.
« Nouvelle librairie de la Danse » Published with the help of le Centre National du Livre and le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Direction de la musique, de la danse, du théâtre et des spectacles)