Big Stage | 08.07.2014 | 9 PM

© Michiel Keuper


a solo by Peter Pleyer

The piece consists of combined solo-works that have been conceived and premiered at the performance marathon at ponderosa tanzlandfestival during the past years.

In this solo Peter Pleyer interweaves major strands of his performance interest, from crocheting, dance-improvisation, queer theory, a.i.d.s.-activism and writing into a tapestry of stories and situations.

The piece is done in sections, in a collage the motives are getting puzzled together creating a whole that incorporates audience participation in direct speech and asking for help by performing certain actions. The focus is on the personal, there is a book here and there, a text, a dance, and costumes. Some of the music will reference to gay artists from the past. Techniques of new shamanic actions will link that past with the future.