Studio 4

 3.30 PM – 5.30 PM


contactencyclopedia  _________ dancing is (not) writing 
exploring ROTATION and other issues to be found on the way

For eight years Dieter Heitkamp has been cooperating on different artistic and pedagogic projects related to Contact Improvisation, researching basic CI principles in the dictionary of delight, perception and the use of the senses in the school of sensitivity or in moving from the skin, issues of boundaries or the politics of dancing. Since 2007 he has been collaborating with Nancy Stark Smith (Contact Quarterly), Norbert Pape ( and others on the Round Robin Project ( and especially the Global Contact Improvisation Archive, an online archive about CI.

Verbalisation and visualisation of principles and expressions being used in the transmission of CI have become a major focus of his research. For the Live Legacy Project Workshop, I would like to offer ROTATION as a point of departure. A rotation is a movement in a circular motion, around a center/ a point, or a line/ an axis. Is the axis of rotation going through the center of the body, its periphery, or is it outside of the body? When I spin, is the space spinning around me? How about momentum, spirals, rolls, double helix, Round Robin and other cyclic changes? By exploring, experiencing and reflecting on rotation we might stumble over some edges. Hopefully questions will arise, different perspectives will be discovered, which will open up new paths of communication and feed the dancing.

Open to all levels.