Big Stage

 10 AM – 1 PM


States of grace is what Nancy Stark Smith calls the integration of all the current “pods” or centers of practice that she works with to prepare for a satisfying group improvisation. Some elements: solo physical training, contact and non-contact improvisation, composition, contemplation, listening, performance/art, mystery, humanity.

Can we change physical, energetic, and conceptual states as called for in the moment? Can we move easily between solo, contact improvisation, group work, somatic absorption, and compositional awareness? What does this create? The only way to discover is to do it and find out. In groups, solo, in and out of contact, in silence and with live music, we’ll study physical and energetic changes in state, natural composition, presence, and relationship.

The Underscore on Saturday will be an opportunity to integrate and apply discoveries from the week.

Nancy’s longtime collaborator musician/composer/improviser Mike Vargas will contribute his music and his point of view.

Participants should have previous experience (~intermediate level) with Contact Improvisation. Please send a few sentences with your registration about your experience with CI to